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Calming Art


Curated by Cecile Martet

Looking for artworks that bring a calming presence to a space? Our Calming Art collection brings together large and small paintings from leading and emerging artists on the platform. Browse the collection and discover calming art online.

Art that Adds to a Space

Statement Pieces and Large Paintings needn't be bold and distracting. They often have a visual presence that adds to a space, rather than takes away from it. Art can make a room seem bigger, harmonise other colours throughout the space and bring a relaxed ambience into a setting. Wanting to find a work of art that brings a sense of warmth to a room? View our Warming Artworks collection.

How to Fit Art to your Space

Buying, framing and fitting art for your home can transform how a room looks, or indeed how an artwork looks. Our team of curators have put together specialist guides to help you arrange and display your art. Find out how to brighten up a dark room, how to match artistic tastes and much more with our guides.

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