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Luke Elwes

Luke Elwes is an artist at one with nature and water.
Luke has shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, Royal Academy and Barbican Gallery.
Buy from an established British artist who is the master of his subject

Luke Elwes is a British artist whose paintings capture his encounters with the landscape and with the elements. He rose to prominence in the early nineties when he returned from his travels in India, Asia and North Africa with a series of key paintings. Luke’s recent works explore the fluid interaction of natural and manmade elements. We particularly love the mixed-media pieces that get ‘up close & personal’ to the landscape.

Luke trained at University of the Arts London. He also holds an MA in Art History from Birkbeck, London University. In 1996, the artist was awarded the Bayer Earth Art Prize. He has also received residency grants from two organisations in the US.

The artist has exhibited work in the UK, the US and Europe. The Royal Academy in London often showcases his work.

Selected Works


Prints - 23x28 cm


Paintings - 88x114 cm

Albers 3

Paintings - 57x76 cm

Waterline 6

Paintings - 57x76 cm


Prints - 31x22 cm


Prints - 30x21 cm


Prints - 21x30 cm


Prints - 21x30 cm


Prints - 30x21 cm


Paintings - 57x76 cm


Paintings - 57x76 cm


Paintings - 57x76 cm

Waterline 16

Paintings - 57x76 cm

Waterline 1

Paintings - 57x76 cm

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