Agnese Negriba


"I welcome the godesses, flying yoginis and nature spirits to stay on my sheets of paper. I kindly allow them to soothe my cynical way of reasoning and let them take me on a ride on a fragrant summer cloud while listening to my favourite sound - that of the seaside."

Agnessaga (Agnese Negriba) is an image maker working in the fields of painting, printmaking, and illustration. She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London) in 2016 and later moved to Oxford with her partner who is a researcher in the field of Classical Indology. Influences and motifs from the Ancient World and Sanskritic culture can often be found in Agnessaga's works. In 2018 Agnessaga had a solo show 'The Moon, The Sun and so on' at the leading illustration gallery "Slow Galerie" in Paris. During the years of pandemic she moved back to her native Latvia and settled in the seaside town of Jūrmala connecting with the Baltic dunes and forests. The leisurely spirit of a nature resort makes an appearance in the latest images. During this time she created a solstice ritual performance and exhibition called "Meeting the Green Goddess" with Agnese Čemme at the Ag gallery, worked on a collection of paintings on paper, and also collaborated with commercial clients to create visuals for animation, editorial and packaging design. Agnessaga has returned to London to spend summer 2022 there and work on a new collection of original paintings.

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