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        Scandinavian Artists

        Discover Scandinavian artists online. Uncover the many layers of Northern European artists, working in a variety of different styles including abstract and figurative, and mediums such as photography and sculpture.

        Swedish Artists

        London-based Swedish artist Charlotte Jonerheim creates quiet and contemplative collages. Charlotte elevates a variety of mundane and typically unremarkable objects through reconstructing and displacing them in abstract compositions. In doing so, the artist prompts us to revalue the everyday items we normally take for granted. For example, Confrontation gathers together homely materials including paper, newsprint, wax and silver thread.

        Danish Artists

        Danish artist Anna Sofie Jespersen is known for her poetic figurative drawings which are rich with feeling. Anna’s voyeurist portraits such as Bathtub Self Portrait are exposés of human emotion and private moments of contemplation.

        Tove Bowyer is a Danish sculptor celebrated for her stunning human forms. Working with ceramics, bronze, wood, alabaster and more, Tove refines and polishes her media for an expert finish as can be seen in Heads, alabaster. Her original works combine elements of expressionism and minimalism and are often life-size.

        Norwegian Artists

        Kjell Folkvord produces abstract paintings inspired by the inner workings of the mind. Kjell’s post-impressionist style, demonstrated in the acrylic painting Haze*, forms an artistic language with which he expresses his emotional internal world.

        Surrealist photographer and digital artist Erik Brede creates multi-layered and fragmented studies of a variety of subjects from architecture and urban landscapes to nude figures and animals. Digitally enhanced shots, such as Pop Art portrait Have A Cigar, are a blend of today’s chaotic society, internal turmoil and beauty. His surrealistic depictions prompt onlookers to question the nature of our contemporary existence.

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