Lasse Thorst


Lasse Thorst, born 1979, lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark.

After a ten year hiatus, Thorst took up painting in 2018 after a trip to Vietnam, where he was introduced to an ancient lacquer painting technique. He had his debut later that year showing with Galerie Wolfsen at the NORTH Art Fair.

His figurative and expressive works are based on visual storytelling, where he usually works from old photographs creating a contemporary view. The themes are classic - a testimony on especially 19th century popular culture and early folklore. Thorst aims to explore the narrative, combining eternal interaction and personal memory into paintings. He works in quick sessions, usually wet into wet, oil on linen and canvas. The artist’s past as a musician and a Grammy-nominated songwriter is clear in his urge to tell stories with his significant, expressive and rhythmical brush strokes.

Selected Works

Portrait by Lasse Thorst


Paintings - 32x24 cm
Sea Change by Lasse Thorst

Sea Change

Paintings - 26x20 cm
Farewell in the Park by Lasse Thorst

Farewell in the Park

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Moth Honey by Lasse Thorst

Moth Honey

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Henbane Sleep by Lasse Thorst

Henbane Sleep

Paintings - 50x40 cm
The Seeker by Lasse Thorst

The Seeker

Paintings - 90x70 cm

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