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      Kristin Holm Dybvig


      Kristin Holm Dybvig is a Norwegian artist who lives and works on the West Coast of Norway. Art and especially colour have been an important ingredient in her varied work life. Kristin has a background as an Art Director in a marketing agency and as an art therapist. She got her diploma in art and art therapy from Tobias School of Art in England. In recent years, Kristin has devoted her time to her artistic work and gotten recognition for her colourful and original pastel compositions. The combination of Kristins intuitive mark-making, love of colour and the inspiration of past memories brings her abstract compositions to life. Living between the North Sea and old mountains, she is acutely attuned to the evocative power of nature. Yet non of her images, not even those that veer toward realism, are based on actual places. What she conveys to viewers instead are emotional states of mind expressed through vibrant tones that blur together on the paper’s surface. While some works represents stillness and serenity, others that more fully embrace abstraction appear to pulsate with dynamic energy.

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