Bjornar Aaslund

Bjornar Aaslund is a Norwegian abstract painter.
Bjornar defines his work as memories of non-existent landscapes.
Bjornar works with acrylics to layer colour onto his canvases.

Norwegian artist Bjornar Aaslund is known for his dynamic and abstract landscape paintings. Large in both scale and impact, Bjornar’s paintings combine the emotion of the abstract expressionist style with the colours and tones found in nature. A fluid sense of movement enlivens Bjornar’s paintings, with certain repeated motifs, colours and marks making for a rhythmic composition.

Education and Career

Bjornar graduated from Einar Granum Art School in Oslo in 2005. He lives and works in Norway and is a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association. For the last twenty years, Bjornar has shown his paintings internationally, and taken part in exhibitions across the USA, Norway, Croatia and the UK.

Bjornar Aaslund’s Approach

Bjornar sees painting as an intuitive process, and likens the act of making the first marks on a canvas to stepping into untouched snow. Whether creating landscapes or seascapes, Bjornar does not record any one particular place, and instead imagines his subject from his memories. When painting from his imagination and his memory, Bjornar imparts emotion into each and every brushstroke. Linking the recognisable with the unknown makes Bjornar’s paintings open to the viewer’s own interpretation.

Selected Works

Dragonfly Habitat II by Bjornar Aaslund

Dragonfly Habitat II

Paintings - 140x180 cm
Pionerfase / Pioneer Phase by Bjornar Aaslund

Pionerfase / Pioneer Phase

Paintings - 200x150 cm
Etter Damslått / Flooded Field by Bjornar Aaslund

Etter Damslått / Flooded Field

Paintings - 150x200 cm
Tree falls, bird flies by Bjornar Aaslund

Tree falls, bird flies

Paintings - 120x140 cm

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