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        Italian Artists

        Discover art from Italian artists. Our online collection is ever-growing, and showcases paintings, sculptures, photography and much more. Working with some of the most celebrated Italian artists of today, our gallery is curated for you to find the perfect new piece for your home. Whether you’re after an abstract painting or a digital print, start browsing our online selection and unearth Italian art today.

        Francesco D’Adamo’s abstract approach hovers somewhere between Italian post-war art and Abstract Expressionism. With a lyrical rhythm to each painting, Francesco’s vibrant palette and quick brushwork results in dynamic and energetic pieces of art. In a similar way to fellow Italian artist Francesco Polazzi, Francesco’s sharp and frenzied artworks resemble those of Italian Futurist artists Severini and Boccioni. Spirited and eye-catching, Francesco’s paintings are musings of movement, energy and vitality.

        Laura Benetton trained at the Academy of Fine art in Venice before being taught by celebrated Italian sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro. Laura creates paintings and digital artworks of abstract scenes. Characterised by sharp lines and angular shapes, there is a clear sense of direction to each of Laura’s pieces. The explosive and Expressionist nature of Laura’s art is reinforced by the sheer scale of some of her larger pieces.

        Taking texture to the next is Italian born and bred painter, Luca Brandi. Luca creates monochrome paintings that have a photographic quality to them. Whether resembling the film role of a camera, or a sepia effect through a limited palette, Luca exposes the contrast and depth in the relationship with darkness and light.

        About Italian Artists

        Perhaps one of the longest-standing countries at the centre of art history, Italy is home to some of the world’s most famous paintings, sculptures and architecture. From the Renaissance to the Futurist movement, for centuries Italian artists have sought to create ground-breaking art as a means of cultural discovery.

        Whether inspired by Classical mythology, religious narrative or the machine age, Italian artists have always been at the forefront of artistic evolution. Whilst figures such as Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli led the ‘rebirth’ of art in the 15th century, Marinetti, Boccioni and Rossolo propelled Futurism into the foreground of avant-garde art in the early 20th century. Today, Italian artists still retain their desire to look forward, to take influence from the past and push towards the future.

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