Riccardo Magherini gained international recognition at the International Photography Awards.
Riccardo became a fine art photographer in 2011.
Riccardo has photographed New York, Florence, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Florence-based fine art photographer Riccardo Magherini is known for his frenetic and layered images of street scenes. Represented by galleries across London, Paris and New York, Riccardo has achieved recognition internationally from awards such as the International Photography Awards and London International Creative Competition. Riccardo’s photography explores the phenomenon of time, more specifically, the movement that time creates. By overlapping multiple impressions, Riccardo’s photographs have a painterly quality, and with the endless illusion of depth, he creates works that resemble abstract paintings.

Riccardo Magherini’s Process

Riccardo’s unique style was established during a trip to Tokyo in 2011. Fascinated with the way time overlaps to form a multifaceted impression of a single place, Riccardo started photographing the city as a way to capture his feelings of estrangement and wonder. Since then, Riccardo has continuously developed his expressive style to resemble time lapses that merge his memories and emotions from any given place. Vast in scale and depth, Riccardo’s work denies a single viewpoint, and instead signals at various characters, colours and narratives throughout the viewing experience.

Photography Collections

Riccardo’s recent BKK Series encapsulates his penchant for storytelling. Based in Bangkok, the photographer embraced the very heart of the city, merging shots of temples, markets, crowds and smoke in images such as Mae Khlong and Tha Klang. With a flair for breaking down the boundaries of photography to resemble the movement and energy of film, Riccardo captures the multi-sensory experience of being immersed in a city.

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