Fabrizio Intonti

Fabrizio Intonti was named Photographer of the Year at the 2014 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.
Fabrizio takes a multidisciplinary approach, often combining his photography with other art forms such as poetry.
Fabrizio's work has been shown in exhibitions across the world, from Tokyo to Rome.

Italian creator Fabrizio Intonti works across the visual arts, focusing primarily on photography in both analogue and digital modalities. Fabrizio works extensively with portrait photography, but is also known for his work with a variety of subjects including street scenes and nature. He has completed a number of different projects that show his diverse approach, ranging from the black and white exploration titled Sottosopra to numerous portrait series. Throughout his work, Fabrizio aims to highlight the extraordinary aspects that can be found in everyday scenes all around us.

Fabrizio Intonti’s Career

After graduating with a degree in Philosophy in 1994, Fabrizio turned his attention to the world of photography. Since then, he has worked on a number of projects that show his progression as a photographer, each focusing on distinct themes and subjects. Some of these projects take a multidisciplinary approach, such as nudi versi, which is a series of nude photographs interspersed with short poems.

Exhibitions and Awards

Fabrizio’s figurative photography has been featured in a huge number of exhibitions across Europe, from the Getty Images Gallery in London to solo exhibitions in Rome. His work has also been shown further afield in locations such as Tokyo and Bangkok. He has also won numerous awards, including Photographer of the Year at the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.

Selected Works

Up & Down N.3 by Fabrizio Intonti

Up & Down N.3

Prints - 30x30 cm
The Stage by Fabrizio Intonti

The Stage

Photography - 46x70 cm
Nowhere train by Fabrizio Intonti

Nowhere train

Photography - 60x44 cm
Sparrow, delight of my girl by Fabrizio Intonti

Sparrow, delight of my girl

Photography - 40x40 cm
Shame by Fabrizio Intonti


Photography - 40x40 cm

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