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Luca Izzo


Attracted by different art forms, Luca Izzo has gathered over the years some of the characteristics belonging to specific areas of his photographic experience. Today, he offers for sale digital photographs and resin sculptures which converge all towards founding themes: introspection, relationship to self and relationship to the other. An unprecedented photographic and sculptural experience was born in Sanremo in Italy. At 30, he moved to France where he lives and still worked. & Nbsp; from 2012, he undertook a continuous experiment which led him to carry out images combined with the study of the artistic structures of the 20th century, and Thus influenced by sculpture, painting and photography. The word of the artist "The most intense moment of pleasure for me is manifested by the creation of a vision, which until then only existed in my thoughts . "Immerse yourself in the surreal and visionary universe of Luca Izzo, where you alone have the interpretation.

Selected Works

Beyond the mind #5 - Untitled

Photography - 60x40 cm

Beyond the mind #1 - Equilibrium

Photography - 60x40 cm

The wall 02 passion

Photography - 120x80 cm

The wall #3 - Symbiosis

Photography - 120x90 cm

The wall 10 Illusion

Photography - 40x60 cm

The wall 09 Hope

Photography - 40x60 cm

The wall 14 Remorse

Photography - 60x40 cm

The wall 12 Submission

Photography - 40x60 cm

The wall 08 Renessance

Photography - 60x40 cm

The wall 04 Frenzy

Photography - 60x40 cm

The wall 01 protection

Photography - 60x40 cm

The wall #13 mortification

Photography - 115x90 cm

Mental Oceans #20 - Blue

Photography - 45x60 cm

Commission an artwork by Luca Izzo

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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