Luca Brandi

Luca Brandi trained under the art master, Romolo Prati at the tender age of 9.
Mark Rothko remarked that Luca’s paintings “must be something miraculous”.
Luca’s colour choice began with the use of metallic paints.

Italian artist Luca Brandi is known for his emotive and textural abstract paintings. Predominantly large scale and monochrome, Luca’s art celebrates colour and its ability to be both beautiful and silent. Whilst some of Luca’s paintings have blocks of colours in them, the majority of his work is dominated by rich blacks, tonal browns and sepia tones. At times resembling film photography, the layering of Luca’s style has a nostalgic quality to it. Materials are an important element of Luca’s work, from the way oils interact with each other, to the visceral physicality they give to the canvas.

Luca Brandi’s Education

Born in Florence in 1961, Luca became an artist very early on. Following on from the traditions of the Italian masters, Luca started painting as a child, and at just 9 years old he worked under Romolo Prati, painting religious icons on panels in churches throughout Florence. By 1983, Luca was studying under abstract painter Paolo Galletti and two years later he held his first exhibition at the Dada Gallery in Florence. From here on out, Luca became an important figure in colour theory and abstract painting, and Abstract Expressionist Rothko even remarked that, “his paintings must be something miraculous.”


Recently, Luca has started creating sculptures inspired by his own minimal polychrome paintings. These 3D structures consist of stainless steel and black acrylic paint. With these metal sculptures, Luca plays on colour theory as he introduces light into the mix. Some of his sculptures are even exhibited outside, making for an ever-changing appearance, where the art piece responds to the light of the sun.

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