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Discover contemporary drawings for sale online today, with artwork available from some of the most exciting artists active now. Our collection of contemporary drawings is ever-evolving as our artists create new works. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular abstract, figurative, conceptual and cartoon drawings or keep reading to learn more about the work of some of our most popular artists.

About the artists

Nelson Makamo is a South African artist based in Johannesburg. Nelson's drawings are strongly influenced by themes of childhood. He is particularly drawn to the lives of children in rural South Africa; he believes that they embody the peace and harmony we all strive for in life. He uses a variety of materials in his practice, though he specialises in large scale charcoal drawing.

Philip Vaughan is a contemporary British artist whose most renowned for his drawings and paintings of geometric abstraction and kinetic neon sculpture. Much of Vaughan's work takes inspiration from the visual complexities in the patterns of plant and tree biology and ocean waveforms and this is exemplified in his pastel and charcoal drawings such as Veiled Reference.

We also have drawings for sale by Nigel Bird, who is a British artist based in France. He creates abstract drawings using black pastel, charcoal, Indian ink and soot. Like Philip Vaughan, Bird also finds inspiration for his compositions in elements of the natural environment.

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The History of Drawing

Drawing lies at the centre of all visual artists’ practices. It can be considered as both a medium and a creative process, making its boundaries very broad and difficult to define. Typically classified as a picture made with a pencil, charcoal, ink or pastel on a two-dimensional surface like paper, it is one of the oldest forms of human expression and creativity.

From old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci to the Pre Raphaelite drawings of John Everett Millais, from the “father of modernism” Francisco Goya to champions of expressionism like Lee Krasner, and from the figurative drawings of Gwen John to the contemporary drawings of Tracey Emin, artists have continually sought to reinvent this perennial medium. As we trace the evolution of drawing through Western history - like that of painting and sculpture, we can see notable stylistic changes. These changes help us to realise the mood of the epoch in which the artist lived and worked. Whether spiritual, romantic, satirical, conceptual or postmodern, drawings tell a narrative.

Looking beyond the canon of Western art history, drawing has played a significant role in the development of Arabic, Asian and Eastern art. Across the ages, drawing styles and techniques have varied considerably in these places. Calligraphy, to name one of many, is a form of drawing that has a long history in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Using a broad tip pen or brush, calligraphers create forms from symbols, signs and letters. Its significance is such that its prevalence has continued from its early origins into the twenty-first century and, like so many other artistic traditions, tendencies and styles from these countries, they have greatly influenced European and American artists.

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      Wing and a Prayer 3-4

      Drawings - 72x58cmRent for $ 90/mo


      Drawings - 58x54cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Materia Prima (from the series In Papyro)

      Drawings - 76x56cmRent for $ 280/mo

      Untitled (apparition) study no: 4

      Drawings - 20x22cmRent for $ 57/mo

      Straight Lines

      Drawings - 113x74cm

      Purple patch

      Drawings - 80x240cmRent for $ 145/mo

      Horizon 2

      Drawings - 120x80cm

      Untitled #1 (from the series In Papyro)

      Drawings - 68x50cmRent for $ 155/mo

      Tea time in Tokyo with Friends

      Drawings - 20x14cmRent for $ 33/mo


      Drawings - 82x126cm

      Untitled (in papyro)

      Drawings - 42x59cmRent for $ 115/mo

      In My Skin

      Drawings - 160x120cm


      Drawings - 66x40cm

      Possibilities are endless

      Drawings - 100x70cmRent for $ 295/mo

      Untitled (in papyro)

      Drawings - 59x42cmRent for $ 115/mo


      Drawings - 100x70cmRent for $ 76/mo

      Life Juggle

      Drawings - 160x120cm

      Chris ?

      Drawings - 21x14cmRent for $ 50/mo

      The Split

      Drawings - 84x59cmRent for $ 110/mo


      Drawings - 80x60cmRent for $ 70/mo

      mooi Indie (Kunningham city)

      Drawings - 14x7cmRent for $ 37/mo

      Blossom and April showers

      Drawings - 51x39cmRent for $ 60/mo


      Drawings - 74x59cm

      Sakura Union

      Drawings - 51x39cmRent for $ 58/mo

      Untitled (apparition) study no: 8

      Drawings - 20x21cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Untitled #6 (from the series Solar Caress)

      Drawings - 14x9cmRent for $ 75/mo