Christine Guichard


Christine Guichard creates works on paper, playing with the bright whites and velvety blacks of ink. Specializing in engraving, she passionately explores the technique, turning the metal plate into a sculpted relief, not merely a matrix for reproduction. In her recent works, gold is introduced, enhancing the interplay of black shapes on white paper. The paper itself becomes embossed, creating peaks that catch the light, adorned with gold accents.

During the printing process, akin to a photographer developing photographs, Christine refines her work. She meticulously searches for the right colors, experiments with effects such as cracked textures, velvety finishes, and varying ink viscosities. She even combines different techniques on the same print, including plastic engraving, wood, and linocut.

Her engravings and embossings are truly unique or produced in limited prints, always crafted on high-quality papers made of 100% cotton with a neutral pH.

Selected Works

Lumière végétale by Christine Guichard

Lumière végétale

Collage - 40x30 cm
Jardin Japonais by Christine Guichard

Jardin Japonais

Paintings - 80x60 cm
TESSELÊRE  by Christine Guichard


Prints - 80x60 cm
La fleur d'or by Christine Guichard

La fleur d'or

Collage - 36x32 cm
Les aimants by Christine Guichard

Les aimants

Prints - 80x60 cm
Mordoré by Christine Guichard


Prints - 57x40 cm
Le poulpe doré by Christine Guichard

Le poulpe doré

Paintings - 102x66 cm
État momentané by Christine Guichard

État momentané

Prints - 31x76 cm
Constellation by Christine Guichard


Prints - 50x40 cm
Le souffle by Christine Guichard

Le souffle

Prints - 30x24 cm


Prints - 76x31 cm


Prints - 74x55 cm

Entre deux

Prints - 107x70 cm

Cousu d'or

Drawings - 56x76 cm


Paintings - 21x30 cm

L'espace blanc

Prints - 40x30 cm

Du coté des étoiles

Prints - 40x31 cm

Blanc et Or

Prints - 36x30 cm

Danse silencieuse

Prints - 34x30 cm

Les trois cimes

Drawings - 21x29 cm

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