Bird Art

Discover your inner ornithologist in our diverse collection of hand-picked bird paintings for sale. Whether you are a first-time buyer or are looking to add to your collection, we are sure to have the right painting for you.

The History of Bird Art…

Birds have been depicted in prehistoric art found in caves in Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Although birds were quite rare and paintings tended to depict larger animals, one of the earliest European examples was found in the Lascaux Caves in south-west France. The painting was named Bird-headed Man and Bird on a Stick, and is dated to around 17,000 years ago.

In the Egyptian times birds were abundant in the fertile marshlands of the river Nile and the Egyptians had a strong affinity with them. They can, therefore, be found depicted on the walls of tombs to help the dead in their afterlife.

The Romans were also fond of birds and kept them as household pets or painted them to adorn their homes. They had a special relationship with birds through the practice of Augury. The augur was an individual who would observe the flight of birds as a way of interpreting omens

In Christianity birds also held symbolic meaning and are thought the signify the presence of God. The dove signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit, the eagle signifies the caring mother, and the sparrow is indented to convey that God cares for even the most insignificant things. These birds were often used as decoration for bibles or books of song.

In modern times, birds became popular subjects of still life’s or were depicted as trophies, symbolising a good hunt. When explorers began travelling to far off lands, paintings of birds were also used as a scientific record of the exotic species they discovered. Since then birds have been depicted by artists such as Pablo Picasso, as a subject of experimentation and abstraction.

Our Collection

We have a wide selection of artists who engage with the subject of birds. From sculpture to photography, drawing to painting, birds have fascinated many of our artists.

Paul Coghlin is a photographer who is praised for his incredibly detailed photographs. This is evident in his image African Spotted Owl Looking Out (2019). In this image Coghlin has captured one of the most beautiful yet illusive birds. The black backdrop intensifies the detail of the face and reminds us of the nocturnal nature of these mysterious animals. This shot allows the viewer to almost make eye contact with the owl, offering us a unique and intriguing interaction.

KEELERTORNERO is an artistic duo made up of Chin Keeler and Emma Tornero. These artists engage with the subject of birds in the drawing Bird Tree (2013). On first look, this image could be a scientific record of different birds, as the style appears detailed and traditional. However, on closer look, you can start to spot unusual anatomical elements. The result is a highly surreal image that appears to be something out of a dream.

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