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Jon Voss

Jon Voss is an artist and architect who distorts the line between the organic and the industrial.
Jon’s style is often referred to as one of contradiction and juxtaposition for its unique blend of technology and nature.
Jon's unusual amalgamations and distinctive genre have been celebrated at exhibitions and in private collections worldwide.

British-born Jon Voss is an artist and architect working across sculpture, drawing and kinetic art. His work cleverly combines technology and nature, fabricating an unlikely yet endearing symbiosis between two polar opposites.

Education and Early Career

Jon Voss studied Interactive Architecture at the Bartlett in London (UCL). Since completing his degree in 2003, he has worked for multiple architectural firms including Richard Rogers in London, and Lippmann Rogers and RiceDaubney Architects in Sydney. In 2014, Jon emigrated to South France where he continues to create new and innovative works of sculpture, illustration and more.

Jon Voss’ Style and Approach

Jon’s style is often referred to as one of contradiction and juxtaposition. Inspired by a fascination with all things industrial as well as a love for the natural world, his somewhat oxymoronic creations are a surrealist blend of the two. By bringing together two passions which are normally in conflict with one another, Jon creates a distinct and impactful genre of work. A common motif in his portfolio is that of marine animals: in sculptural form as Fat Shark, welded blued mild steel and polished stainless steel, as well as in pen and ink drawings, descending from the sky in Hanging Whale.

Press and Exhibitions

Jon’s unusual amalgamations have been enjoyed worldwide including at the London Southbank Centre, Montpellier Art Fair and at the Venice Biennale in 2010. His works have featured widely in various publications, and one of his stainless steel installations is on permanent public display in the city of Durham, UK.

Selected Works

Bird Brain

Drawings - 58x56 cm

Flying Bird Collection No.10

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Flying Bird Collection No.12

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Flying Birds No.6

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Flying Bird No.7

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Flying Bird Collection No.8

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Flying Bird No.2

Drawings - 50x50 cm

Big Splash

Drawings - 50x70 cm

Fat Shark

Sculpture - 90x80 cm

Girl in the Clouds

Paintings - 90x150 cm

Hanging Whale

Drawings - 72x52 cm


Drawings - 77x90 cm


Drawings - 50x72 cm


Drawings - 60x90 cm

Spilt Treasure

Drawings - 35x64 cm

Life Buoy No.2

Drawings - 50x74 cm

Stubbed whale

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Ozzy Gold No.1

Drawings - 69x86 cm


Drawings - 64x46 cm


Drawings - 90x70 cm

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