Adam Warwick Hall


Fascinated by aircraft, animals and plants from an early age, Adam trained as a Sculptor between 1987 and 1991 before going straight into work as a sculptor and model maker for the Film and TV industry at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios. He progressed from here to working with Exhibition and Aerospace companies. Inspired by aerodynamic, organic and animal forms, his work as an artist has always been a mixture of biology and mechanisation. Adam’s love of aerodynamic forms fuels his concepts; fusing mechanised structures with organic forms to create his pieces. Working from his studio near Bristol, using industrial metal construction and fabrication techniques, as well as traditional casting methods in bronze and steel, Adam sculpts, models and carves a broad selection of materials to create the Aerorganic forms that reflect the world we live in today.

Selected Works

APOPHENIA by Adam Warwick Hall


Sculpture - 20x16 cm
Harrier Hawk - 1 of 12 by Adam Warwick Hall

Harrier Hawk - 1 of 12

Sculpture - 25x30 cm
Discombobulated Liberator by Adam Warwick Hall

Discombobulated Liberator

Sculpture - 32x22 cm
Violet Vixen (1 /12) by Adam Warwick Hall

Violet Vixen (1 /12)

Sculpture - 66x20 cm
Herringkel Mk 2 (7 of 12) by Adam Warwick Hall

Herringkel Mk 2 (7 of 12)

Sculpture - 17x30 cm
"WHANOPUS" ( 1 of 12 in Iron resin ) by Adam Warwick Hall
Herringkel Mk III (1 of 12) by Adam Warwick Hall

Herringkel Mk III (1 of 12)

Sculpture - 60x40 cm
Fork Tailed Devil by Adam Warwick Hall

Fork Tailed Devil

Sculpture - 65x45 cm
A Clipping of Wings by Adam Warwick Hall

A Clipping of Wings

Sculpture - 30x40 cm
"WHANOPUS " ( 1 of 12) Bronze resin by Adam Warwick Hall

Altitude Sickness

Sculpture - 95x55 cm

Ground Effect

Sculpture - 52x52 cm


Sculpture - 21x30 cm

Bird Swallowing Fish

Sculpture - 30x20 cm

Herringkel Mk 1

Sculpture - 18x26 cm

Herringkel Mk 2

Sculpture - 17x50 cm

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