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        Marion McConaghie's style is defined by loose and sketchy strokes featuring delicate lines, some with explosive colour which makes all of her artworks fresh and timeless.
        Marion grew up near the Causeway Coast in Ireland and came to England to study art, gaining a First Class degree in Fine Art Painting.
        Marion always starts her process with lots of research and planning.

        Irish artist Marion McConaghie is known for her delicate and textural prints and paintings responding to movements in wildlife and bursts of colour in nature. Taking inspiration from natural history and aging processes, Marion injects her paintings with an unrestrained sense of freedom and movement. Marion’s paintings are intricate and intriguing, sometimes merging mediums such as watercolour, acrylics and collage to form unique expressionistic pieces of art.

        Marion McConaghie’s Life and Career

        Marion grew up near the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland before moving to England to study fine art at Nottingham University, and then on to Brighton University. Throughout her studies, Marion spent time exploring installation, photography and video, which inspired the sense of movement Marion gives to her paintings. After university, Marion embarked on a career in graphic design and before long, she found herself gravitating towards creating mixed media paintings.

        Inspiration and Style

        Marion loves texture in her work and includes this mostly in her abstracts which are inspired by the sea and landscape, some of these are drawn from inspiration from growing up near the sea in Northern Ireland. In other work Marion explores themes of freedom and movement with a collection of images depicting horses, birds and butterflies and portraits exploring the relationship between the modern and traditional with some use of graffiti in her paintings.

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