Full of dreams 16.13

Paintings30.0 x 30.0 cm?
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Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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Claire Jombart

Claire Jombart's sweet landscapes are an invitation to introspection. What do they reveal about us? These horizons are imbued with great poetry, without being perfectly abstract, they retain a part of free interpretation. The horizon: the inaccessible chimeras of Claire Jombart is based on this perception of the fundamental elements that make up a landscape. The goal? Concentrate energy on the inaccessible chimera that is the horizon. & Nbsp; the landscape offers invisible constructions and questions about the limits of the ability to see and understand. & Nbsp; “a colorful impression, the fragments of nature, The imprint of light, leave in me a memory which moves me. ”The landscape: universal emblem and universaldans the pictorial compositions of the artist, oil paintings on canvas sometimes representing marines, sometimes solar reflections Majestic, the horizon structures and organizes work. The spectator can then indefinite this depth indefinitely at the limit of abstraction. & Nbsp; the journey allows Claire Jombart to discover other universes. He nourishes his research and demonstrates that despite his richness and subjectivity, there is a university of the landscape. & Nbsp; discover the semi-abstract and poetic canvases of Claire Jombart now on Kazoart!

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