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      Mazen Khaddaj

      Mazen Khaddaj's works explore themes relating to the body and performance.
      The artist has showcased his work both in Lebanon and in Germany.
      Mazen's large scale works would lend gravitas to a spacious interior.

      Mazen Khaddaj is a Lebanese born artist based in Germany and working across painting, performance, and video art. The artist’s paintings often transcend this multidisciplinary approach, drawing on themes relating to the body and performance, and encapsulating the fluidity of motion with strong contour lines and bold splashes of color.

      Khaddaj has showcased his work in Lebanon, Germany, Bahrain, and Turkey in seven solo shows and more than twenty collective shows. Also, his works were exhibited in a solo show in The Museum Der Bildenden Künste (Leipzig), a collective show in The Grassi Museum (Leipzig), and MACAM Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art (Lebanon).

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