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      Gifts for Him


      Curated by Rise Art

      Find the perfect present for a special man in your life with our collection of Gifts for Him, offering plenty of great alternatives to typical Christmas and birthday gifts. The collection includes a diverse range of mediums and styles to suit plenty of different tastes, whether he’s into abstract photography or more a fan of portrait art. Browse the range to get to know some of the best contemporary artists practising today, and find inspiration for a truly meaningful present.

      You can narrow down your search to easily find what you’re looking for. Just make use of our filters that allow you to select according to size, orientation and price, and find the ideal artwork for any space and budget.

      For men who love to get out in nature, Robert Bloomfield offers a window into the great outdoors with his stunning landscape art. Robert takes a unique approach to his practice, working mainly with spray paints to create vast scenes of nature, predominantly in moody tones of grey and black. Set against these backdrops, you’ll often find one or several tiny human figures, emphasising the vastness of nature and the solitude that we can feel when faced with it. These artworks have a beautiful simplicity that reminds us of traditional Chinese ink wash paintings with their smudgy greyscale palette and their striking natural scenes.

      If your guy likes to travel, then he’ll enjoy indulging in the wanderlust of Tommy Clarke’s aerial photography. Born in the South of England, Tommy now spends his days hanging out the side of helicopters in search of the perfect birds-eye view. From beach scenes in Australia to busy intersections, he manages to find the beauty in even the most everyday visuals. We love the way that the distance of shooting creates a kind of abstraction within his photography, reducing the real scenes to shapes, forms and colours that are perfectly balanced against each other.

      For lovers of the city and industry, Richard Knight offers an interesting perspective on modern, urban landscapes. Working with an unconventional colour palette and impressionist style, Richard paints the city in ways that have never been seen before. These paintings toe the line between abstract and realist styles, offering a fresh perspective on familiar scenes around London and making them a perfect gift for anyone with a love of the capital.

      If you’re looking for a present for a man with minimalist tastes, then Luis Medina offers some great gift options. Luis works with layers upon layers of acrylic paint, creating pieces that are compositionally simple and satisfying in their carefully considered form. His use of colour is what sets him apart from other minimalist abstract artists, with surprising hues contrasted against each other and a rich depth to each tone achieved through multiple layers of paint. Luis also creates intriguing sculptures that are like a 3D embodiment of his paintings, with clean lines and geometric shapes to appeal to those who like a sense of precision in their artwork.

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