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      Kate Banazi

      Kate Banazi has exhibited extensively, in cities including Sydney and London.
      Kate works with serigraph printing, abstracting her drawings using digital techniques.
      Kate features in the private collections of both private and corporate clients across the world.

      British artist Kate Banazi now works from the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia, where she focuses primarily on Screenprints. Beginning with a hand Drawing, she then moves to a digital format, using the computer to translate and abstract the image before creating a positive to expose to a screen. The final result is a striking, graphical Abstract Print that plays with both colour and form. These tend to be a series of geometric shapes overlaid on top of each other, producing an unusual and visually interesting effect that’s well-suited to modern interiors.

      Kate Banazi’s Career Path

      Kate was born in London and began her artistic journey with a training at the internationally renowned Central St Martins. While she works mainly with Graphic Prints, she has also experimented in many different artistic domains, including fashion, music, illustration and advertising. These days she lives and works in Sydney, where she regularly participates in local exhibitions and shows. Her work aims to embrace flaws and imperfections – nothing is retouched, and any pinholes or marks are not repaired.

      Collections and Exhibitions

      Kate Banazi’s Geometric Abstract Art is collected worldwide by both private and corporate clients. She has had private exhibitions at Gas Gallery in London and Curatorial & Co in Sydney, making her a popular artist on both sides of the globe.

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