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        Martin Thompson

        Martin Thompson is currently working on an ambitious project to produce 5000 portraits of artists.
        Some of Martin’s techniques date back to the mid 1800s.
        Martin is unafraid to experiment with multimedia and collage techniques.

        Born in Bath and now working in nearby Bristol, Martin Thompson is a British photographer with a multimedia approach. His Black & White Photography has a romantic and nostalgic quality, and he has been known to use traditional techniques that date back to as early as the mid 1800s. He also works with Collage to create interesting prints with diverse subjects and styles. Lately, he has been working on a Portrait Photography series called thefacecollective, a project that aims to shoot 5000 portraits of artists, ranging from the late Amy Winehouse to Boy George.

        Martin Thompson’s Career

        Following his BA in Fine Art Photography, Martin received interest and respect throughout the artistic community. He has worked without the aid of sponsorship to produce his portraiture series titled thefacecollective, and the exhibition of the first 1600 portraits is scheduled for 2020. Many of these portraits are of famous artists and musicians from all different styles and genres.

        Style and Artistic Process

        Martin’s style is extremely diverse, and can range from traditional photography techniques to multimedia collages. While some pieces appear understated and minimal, others work with different layers and mediums to produce a textural effect. It is this willingness to experiment that makes Martin’s work stand out from the crowd.

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