Richard Knight

Richard Knight worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for 30 years before becoming an artist.
Richard often works on multiple paintings of the same subject at the same time.
Richard’s art has been shown across Europe, America and the Middle East.

Richard Knight is an artist known for his impressionist style paintings of urban scenes. Richard looks at each one of his subjects with a new gaze, either imagining seeing it for the first time or assuming the position of a tourist in an urban environment. With a technique that combines an abstract approach with observational mark-making, Richard creates his own interpretation of the familiar. Giving stillness to the turbulent and permanence to the ephemeral Richard’s practice is all about capturing the in between moments.

Richard Knight’s Career

Richard grew up on the remote coast of northern Cornwall before making the move to London to study Graphic Design and Illustration at Kingston University in the 80s. After spending thirty years working in the creative industry as an illustrator and graphic designer, Richard decided to become a full time artist. Richard’s work now spans from collections of urban paintings to studies of planes in flight.

Exhibitions and Collections

The success of Richard’s cityscapes has amounted to works in private collections and exhibitions across Europe, the US and the Middle East, with a number of his works shown in London’s most prominent art galleries. From 2014 onwards, Richard’s paintings have been on show in a stream of fairs and exhibitions all over the world. Richard’s art is currently hanging on the walls of Box Galleries, Luminare Art, No Naked Walls and Wyecliffe Gallery, to name a few.

Selected Works

Regatta by Richard Knight


Paintings - 30x30 cm

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