Art Inspired by Louise Bourgeois

Phin Jennings

Curated by Phin Jennings

The Louise Bourgeois collection was curated to coincide with the opening of the Hayward Gallery’s Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child exhibition. Explore the collection and find original paintings, drawings and mixed media works that echo elements of the influential artist’s assorted style.

Louise Bourgeois’ Legacy

Any artist with a career as long, varied and revered as Louise Bourgeois' is bound to influence a great many artists in a great many ways. The artist spent the best part of her 99-year life making work that explored her varied experience of existing as an embodied subject.

Years after her death, contemporary artists continue to follow her explorations. Sometimes, as in the work of Abigail Robertson and Slavomir Zombek, this takes the shape of a celebration of sense of touch and engagement with tactile materials. Elsewhere, the enquiry takes a dark existential turn as artists like Anna Sofie Jespersen, Simona Barreca and Joe Hesketh echo Bourgeois' suggestions of a body that is constantly on display, continually observed and never quite comfortable.

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