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Textured Art

Verity Babbs

Curated by Verity Babbs

The Textured Art collection brings together a range of paintings and sculptures with a visceral quality, impasto surface and mixed media. Whether you’re after an abstract painting with a rough texture, or a sculptural work that jumps off the wall, our selection of textural artworks has something for everyone and makes it easy for you to find to perfect work of art to buy online today.

Featured Artists

Valery Khattin paints in an abstract expressionist style in his vibrant landscape paintings. His brushwork is reminiscent of impressionism, as are his colour palettes. In the flesh, Valery’s paintings have a thick surface, in which each brushstroke is raised from the canvas. Abstract artist Day Bowman works with different mediums when making her large scale abstract works. Day’s paintings are inspired by the coastal landscapes from her childhood, with the colours and textures referencing nature.

Discover our collection of Impasto Paintings for sale.

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