Li Shan Chong explores the fragility of emotion within us all.
The artist has a degree in Surface Design, which inspired her to experiment with various printmaking processes.
Li Shan's bold, emotive paintings would make a colourful addition to an interior.

Li Shan Chong is a Singapore based artist who explores the fragility of emotion within us all. Her work is just as bold in context as it is in colour and style.

The artist graduated from the London College of Communication, receiving a First-Class Honours in Surface Design. The opportunity to study such a course allowed Li Shan to experiment with a host of new mediums, including lino-print, screen print and ceramics. These experiences helped shape her unique and visionary artistic style.

Selected Works

Venus's Pain by LiShan CHONG

Venus's Pain

Paintings - 20x25 cm
mountain by LiShan CHONG


Paintings - 16x20 cm
release 20210521/ by LiShan CHONG

release 20210521/

Paintings - 17x23 cm
solitude 14122020/ by LiShan CHONG

solitude 14122020/

Paintings - 10x30 cm
solitude 26062020/ by LiShan CHONG

solitude 26062020/

Paintings - 23x18 cm
untitled 20180926 by LiShan CHONG

untitled 20180926

Paintings - 21x16 cm
kirumono 20180725 by LiShan CHONG

kirumono 20180725

Paintings - 21x16 cm
prayer and tears no.03092017 by LiShan CHONG

prayer and tears no.03092017

Paintings - 22x27 cm
love is blind by LiShan CHONG

love is blind

Paintings - 18x23 cm

la fin no. 2205

Paintings - 14x18 cm

prayer and tears no.12112017

Paintings - 22x27 cm

prayer and tears no.09092017

Paintings - 15x15 cm

prayer and tears no.03102017

Paintings - 17x17 cm

la fin no. 2105

Paintings - 15x15 cm

namida series no.1001

Paintings - 36x25 cm

namida series no. 0912

Paintings - 15x21 cm

red eyes broken heart no. 3007

Paintings - 17x22 cm

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