Laurence Perratzi

Emerging Artist
Laurence Perratzi has exhibited in major London Fairs such as the London Art Fair, Lapada, The British Art Fair and The New Chelsea Art Fair.
Laurence's work is permanently exhibited at “La Residence”, the house of the French ambassador in London.

Laurence Perratzi is a figurative artist exploring the body’s expression. Her work is a reflection on movement strongly influenced by her athletic background where poise and balance are paramount. The figures challenge gravity with subtle poses or sometimes snapshot of body in action. Laurence is continuously researching for movement, lightness, energy and spontaneity in contrast with static poses often represented in sculpture. Her Trees are an explosion of joy and freedom where she gives way to her fantasies, battles with materials such as plaster, wood, straw, jesmonite, achieving intimate and powerful sculptures. She is now exhibited in major London Fairs (the London Art Fair, Lapada, The British Art Fair , The New Chelsea Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair), as well as in France, Belgium, Singapore and the United States (Context Art Miami, Art Paper New York)

Laurence Perratzi Artworks

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    Head in the Clouds by Laurence Perratzi

    Head in the Clouds

    Sculpture - 130x80 cm
    Flamenco by Laurence Perratzi


    Sculpture - 210x120 cm
    Lady in the Circle by Laurence Perratzi

    Lady in the Circle

    Sculpture - 63x40 cm
    Samanta by Laurence Perratzi


    Sculpture - 50x20 cm
    Roll On by Laurence Perratzi

    Roll On

    Sculpture - 44x35 cm
    It's Just a Pea - U by Laurence Perratzi

    It's Just a Pea - U

    Sculpture - 51x49 cm
    It's Just a Pea - G by Laurence Perratzi

    It's Just a Pea - G

    Sculpture - 50x50 cm
    Circled by Laurence Perratzi


    Sculpture - 53x50 cm
    Head in the clouds by Laurence Perratzi

    Head in the clouds

    Sculpture - 93x37 cm
    Little Black Dress by Laurence Perratzi

    Little Black Dress

    Sculpture - 51x18 cm


    Sculpture - 91x37 cm

    Missed You

    Sculpture - 91x37 cm

    Do I?

    Sculpture - 91x37 cm

    Hold On

    Sculpture - 91x37 cm


    Sculpture - 50x50 cm


    Sculpture - 35x30 cm

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