John Williams

John Williams is a British mixed-media Sculptor known for his figurative portraits and nude studies.
John takes inspiration from archaic Greek sculpture and fossils, driven by a passion to unravel the past, liminal perspectives, and ideas surrounding the Self.
John has been the recipient of several prestigious scholarships for his work which has been exhibited worldwide.

John Williams is a sculptor who specialises in ceramics and bronze. His figurative sculptures are influenced by marble classical and neoclassical sculpture and themes of the Self.

Education and Early Career

John Williams completed a degree at Brighton Art College in 1990. Before this, he studied at Middlesex University from 1986-87. John’s initial passion resided in fossils which the artist viewed as vessels of the past. The artist was later drawn to the human body, a subject which now constitutes the majority of his work.

John William’s Style and Approach

John uses the human figure to explore the complex and oftentimes fragile human condition. Broken and clean white surfaces feature widely in his nude studies. In Shell, jesmonite and silver leaf on a white cement base, the chest is cracked down the middle, exposed and glistening, invoking a sense of beauty in vulnerability. John’s abstract geometric works are also rich with meaning. Internal Dialogue, jesmonite, steel and wood (oak), show stunning fossil-like patterns emerging from the subject’s head; a visualisation of the inner workings of the mind.

Awards and Exhibitions

John has been the recipient of several prestigious scholarships for his work and has exhibited with Osborne Samuel and Beaux Arts, Bath. In 2004 Williams was awarded the Freakley Prize for the Most Outstanding Portrait Sculpture by the Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street. Of late, John completed a commission for Househam Henderson Architects to commemorate the site of a disused quarry. His creations can be found in private collections in Britain, France, Portugal and America.

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