Discover Print artists online today. Tour an array of up-and-coming and established printmakers, hand-selected by us. Working in a variety of styles from Pop Art to Abstract, and techniques from monoprint to screenprint, our growing selection of printmakers continues to astound and inspire.

Woodcut Print Artists

Katsutoshi Yuasa creates woodcut prints, one of Japan’s most well-known and traditional arts, from his collection of digital photographs. By merging digital and analogue techniques, Katsutoshi attests to the importance of tradition by manipulating modern art and technology. To an extent, Katsutoshi’s process resists the movement of time, visually reflected in the haunting, palimpsest figures which emerge from the shadows of his prints such as Piccadilly Circus 19.33.


Award-winning Scottish artist Bruce McLean uses luminous colours and organic shapes to create bold and expressive prints. His monoprints, including Violet Garden, have proven incredibly influential on the contemporary arts scene. Creating multi-dimensional horizons of varying colours and geometric blocks of multiple widths and depths, his works push the limits of printmaking as we know it.

Illustrative Printmakers

Illustrator and Printmaker Jacqueline Colley makes uplifting, feminine prints infused with colour and inspired by travel and nature. Playing with boho-chic graphics, typography and botanical motifs, Jacqueline creates bright, tropical screen and digital prints of animals, fruits and lively destinations, observed in Seoni Jungle.

Pop Art Printmakers

Anna Marrow is a storyteller-come-printmaker whose semi-Pop Art, semi-Street Art prints present an esoteric insight into the backstreets of urban and suburban life. Anna’s practice pieces together disparate narratorial symbols, fairytale characters, contrasting colours and energetic compositions. Her spirited cityscapes such as Leaping Lizards tap into 70s retro-chic but with a playful, modern twist.

Barry Goodman is renowned for his vintage-style graphic prints which combine elements of Pop-Art and Minimalism. His nostalgic prints depict an array of heartwarming cultural iconography and memorabilia, usually composed of visually stimulating signs and symbols of London, enjoyed in A to Z.

Surrealist Printmakers

Surrealist artist and optical-illusionist Patrick Hughes is known for pioneering ‘reverspective’ art. His flat-surface prints like Web Bow which play with bright colours and abstract geometric shapes have an immense sense of depth. His prints continually prompt observers to question their own vision and perspective.

Magnus Gjoen reinvents classical and Renaissance masterpieces, taking stately portraits and reinventing them with punchy graphic patterns. Marrying a variety of styles including Surrealism, Pop Art and Realism, Magnus blurs the lines between destruction and recreation with his eye-catching and provocative prints. For example, A Little Gentleman of Nothing, digital print (2015).

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    Miss Tic

    B. 1956

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    United Kingdom
    B. 1973

    Sandrine Grimaud-Lebeaux

    B. 1967

    Louisa Boyd

    United Kingdom
    B. 1979

    Pablo Picasso

    B. 1920

    Patrick Hughes

    United Kingdom
    B. 1939

    Ursula Hitz

    B. 1980


    B. 1983

    Marc Chagall



    B. 1994

    Ellie Vandoorne

    B. 1985

    Rudy Meyer

    B. 1979

    Michael Darling

    B. 1961

    Sylvia Baldeva

    B. 1966

    Christine Harrison

    United Kingdom
    B. 1960

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