Harland Miller


Artist and writer Harland Miller is known for his large-scale, playful re-workings of Penguin book covers. Known for his sarcasm, wit and humour, Millers work explores the relationship between words and images. By rearranging the words and meanings, Millers work is consistently enmeshed with the sarcasm and irony life often presents us with.

Harland’s background as a writer and his interest in canonical authors such as Ernest Hemingway inform his work, and his works have a canny resemblance with artists such as Mark Rothko. When one removes the text, what remains behind often resembles many of Rothko’s masterpieces. Millers works are also unique because they often will combine text and images to comment on the frequent disconnect between representation and the reality of our everyday life.

Miller has lived and worked in New York, Berlin and Paris. Harland Miller was born in Yorkshire in 1964 and lives in London. Millers works have been exhibited worldwide, and in 2020 the artist held his largest solo museum show at the York Art Gallery.

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