Female Pop Artists

Learn more about Female Pop Artists online. Discover a selection of up-and-coming female artists on the contemporary Pop Art scene such as Zoe Moss and Delphine LeBourgeois, working with a variety of different mediums, including digital prints, painting and [drawing]/art/drawings/pop-art).

Lauren Baker uses a host of media from kinetic sculpture, resin skulls and neon light installations to explore the impact of postmodernist cultural trends on our wellbeing and sense of self. Her pieces, such as Together We Will Burn Brighter, radiate positivity, both encouraging and uplifting observers.

While Lauren concerns her practice with the importance of love and human consciousness, Rebecca Mason, though similar in style, looks at the darker side of human existence and emotion. Rebecca’s limited edition prints such as Do You Hear Yourself When You Speak? (What?) combine neon lights and typography to make frank observations with her signature dry humour about life, money and culture.

Celebrated French Illustrator Delphine LeBourgeois draws her inspiration from a variety of classic and modern artistic traditions from Botticelli to comics. Using a medley of symbols and cultural allusions in a playful and sometimes subversive way, Delphine investigates ideas around collective consciousness and group psychology. Verging on a surrealist aesthetic, digital print Black Blue, as an example, intricately and ironically mingles religion, femininity, fashion and violence.

Victoria Topping is an internationally recognised artist and illustrator who fuses digital and traditional techniques. Joyous, spiritual and musical, her work is a visual symphony inspired by music and contemporary culture. Portraits such as I Am Completely Fine are a synthesis of tropical flora and fauna, traditional folk art and disco vibes.

Anna Marrow is a British printmaker whose multimedia works intersect painting, illustration and collage in aesthetic. One of her main concerns is story-telling, and so her practice combines a variety of disparate narratorial symbols from mundane objects to exotic, fairytale characters, usually inspired by her childhood memories from the 70s. Architecture and urban/suburban landscapes also feature heavily in her work. The tropical cityscape Nyx - The Goddess Of The Night, water-based screenprinting inks on paper, demonstrates her love for bold and contrasting colours and compositions.

Contemporary South African printmaker Sarah Allderman creates pleasant part-minimalist, part-Pop Art illustrations and paintings based on her own everyday experiences of South African culture and society. There is something delightfully wholesome and light about her transport series including prints Beetle and Combie. The soft blue hues and pastel greens alongside family-favourite cars emanate innocence and joy.

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    Lauren Baker

    United Kingdom
    B. 1982

    Anna Marrow

    United Kingdom
    B. 1973

    Rose Wylie

    United Kingdom