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      Bonnie and Clyde

      Bonnie and Clyde has shown in exhibitions alongside Gavin Turk and Yoko Ono.
      Bonnie and Clyde’s process combines digital and physical processes.
      Most of Bonnie and Clyde’s work takes inspiration from the Californian coast.

      Steph Burnley, who otherwise goes as Bonnie and Clyde, is a Brighton-based mixed media artist, working primarily in collage, photography and print. Taking inspiration from music, film, nostalgic iconography and urban spaces, Bonnie and Clyde’s work interweaves themes of the current socio-political climate with emotional and more personal experiences. Travel plays a huge part in shaping her art, and as each image is distorted, cut and layered, Bonnie and Clyde creates bizarre and far off places that still retain an element of familiarity.

      Bonnie and Clyde’s Education and Career

      Bonnie and Clyde started her creative education studying 3D Design at Kingston University, before moving up to Manchester to set up a graphic design business. Whilst creating posters, illustrations, festival campaigns and book sleeves, Bonnie and Clyde also worked as a photographer, capturing urban fashion scenes for various magazines. After working in both graphic design and photography, she decided to merge the two and pursue a career as a fine artist. Fusing graphic art with photography and screen prints, Bonnie and Clyde soon developed her own unique visual language.

      Inspiration and Exhibitions

      Bonnie and Clyde’s interdisciplinary approach takes inspiration from so many aspects of contemporary culture. Artists that inspire Bonnie and Clyde’s process include Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Bill Viola and Sir Peter Blake, whilst street photography, architecture and seascape imagery also play a key role in the aesthetic of her art. Bonnie and Clyde exhibits around the country, with solo shows in 45 Parklane, Lawrence Alkin Gallery and Lilford Gallery, to name a few. In group exhibitions, Bonnie and Clyde’s art has been shown alongside the likes of Gavin Turk, Yoko Ono and Kim Gordon.

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