Justine Smith

Justine Smith has been commissioned by Liberty and Paul Smith.
Some of Justine's artwork is held by the British Council and the UK Government Fine Art Collection.
Justine has featured in leading publications, including the Financial Times and Design Week.

London-based artist Justine Smith makes use of a subject that seems to fascinate us all: money. Through exciting techniques of paper-cutting, collage, print and sculpture, she creates artwork that centres around the beauty of the banknote, as well as the social and cultural meanings that it denotes. These Mixed Media Collages and Prints are an examination of our relationship to money and the complex power that it holds over us. At the same time as emphasising its importance in human society, Justine reduces money to its basic essence of paper, making her artwork as thought-provoking as it is visually interesting.

Justine Smith’s Career and Education

Justine began her artistic career with an education at the City and Guilds of London Art School, and she still lives and works in the capital, operating from a studio in Streatham. She has since exhibited her Paper Art widely, both in her native UK and further afield, including London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York City. Her success has attracted plenty of attention, with Liberty and Paul smith commissioning her for designs.

Collections and Publications

You’ll find Justine’s artwork in several important collections, including the British Council and the UK Government Fine Art collection. The unique style of her art has also piqued the interest of several top publications, including Design Week, The Financial Times and Dazed and Confused Magazine.

Selected Works

The United States of Everywhere by Justine Smith
Blow by Justine Smith


Prints - 60x40 cm
We the people of the Commonwealth by Justine Smith
Icon Series: Yen by Justine Smith

Icon Series: Yen

Prints - 72x72 cm
Icon Series: Pound by Justine Smith

Icon Series: Pound

Prints - 72x72 cm
Icon Series: Dollar  by Justine Smith

Icon Series: Dollar

Prints - 72x72 cm
Judgement by Justine Smith


Prints - 41x58 cm
Time is Money (Artist Proof) by Justine Smith
Boom by Justine Smith


Prints - 42x60 cm

Euro Europe

Prints - 90x83 cm

Diamond Queen

Prints - 54x43 cm

Great Britain

Prints - 59x42 cm

The British Isles

Prints - 58x41 cm

Old Europe

Prints - 90x83 cm

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