Rose Wylie

Rose Wylie has been called an artist's artist - "she's the real deal".
Rose was one of the recently rediscovered 'Aero Girls' whose image was used to advertise chocolate in the 1950s.
Rose's triumph in the John Moores Painting Prize means Wylie is more collectible than ever.

Rose Wylie is a British painter who reworks images from cinema in an alternative, naive style. Rose draws on her memory of images from Herzog, Tarantino and Almodovar films and flattens these out onto canvas. We love this artist’s fragmented, zany compositions and the way each serves as a warped echo of the film it represents.

Rose studied at the Folkestone and Dover School of Art before pursuing an MA at the Royal College of Art. Her work has been shown at Tate Britain, Art Basel, and the Jerwood in Hastings, to name but a few.

The artist has received a number of prizes for her work, including the Paul Hamlyn Award for Visual Art and the Royal Academy’s Dupree Award. In 2014, Rose became the oldest ever recipient of the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize.

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