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      British Artists

      Contemporary British artists are creating vibrant and varied artwork, inspired by a multitude of cultural and stylistic influences. Explore a glowing selection of emerging and established Britain-based artists such as Philip Vaughan, Bruce McClean and Barbara Rae, specialising in a variety of different styles including Fine Art painting, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Mosaic and more.

      Bruce McClean

      Multi-talented Bruce McClean works with an extensive range of mediums from sculpture to performance art, mixed media and painting. He is a leading British artist, notable for his detailed abstract paintings and print work. His brightly coloured lithograph mosaics like Putting On The Angst (Red Blue) as well as his abstract composition *Vermillion Light Garden * have bold and vibrant energy, characteristic of Bruce’s use of luminous colours and organic shapes.

      Barbara Rae

      Barbara Rae, a member of the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy of Arts, is recognised for her abstract landscape paintings and prints. Barbara delivers intensely colourful works of art, often Picassoesque in style, such as the limited-edition silkscreen print Ceanthru Thaidhg. Barbara’s work has been included in many solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

      Joe Hesketh

      Joe Hesketh’s abstract paintings are an exploration of the human condition. Her visual narratives often veer between humour and tragedy, resulting in a truly unique visual duality. In many of her works, there is an almost oxymoronic blend of warm and soothing pastel colours with distorted and freakish figures which peer out from the canvas. For example, Man, an oil painting on canvas.

      Lee Ellis

      Lee Ellis exposes the hidden depths of psychology and the emotional woes of his subjects in his Still Life paintings. The likes of Francis Bacon and Edvard Munch spring to mind when observing Lee’s distorted expressionistic portraits such as I Am LinkedIn, a blend of thick acrylic and heavily layered pastel on paper.

      Alexandra Gallagher

      Alexandra Gallagher targets issues regarding feminism, sexuality and identity with her surreal portraits. Her work is suffused with floral and botanical tropes as well as themes of spirituality and religion such as is seen in the digital print Our Lady of Sorrrows (2016). Characteristic of Surrealists, her stylistic approach channels unrestrained visuals and dreamlike symbolism.

      Philip Vaughan

      Philip Vaughan is known for his geometric patterns inspired by natural phenomena, particularly plants, tree biology and ocean waveforms. Joshua and Abracadabra, both acrylic paint on canvas, demonstrate the artist’s interest in the beauty of natural forms.

      Lauren Baker

      Contemporary British artist Lauren Baker constructs typographical pieces with neon lights such as Together We Will Burn Brighter. Through her work, she explores the pressure of postmodernist cultural trends and aims to uplift spectators with positive quotes and bright lights.

      Victoria Horkan

      Mixed-media artist Victoria Horkan produces lively and richly textured paintings inspired by her background in textile design. The kaleidoscopic use of colour in her butterfly series conveys a sense of flight. Cell Division, for example, made with photography embedded in oil paint, appears to flutter and breathe like a living butterfly.

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