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Ben Stephenson

Mexico-based Ben Stephenson explores notions of colonialism and voyeurism.
Ben describes his paintings and sculptures as an ‘exotic misinterpretation.’
The artist has exhibited across Mexico and the UK.

Born in 1990, Ben Stephenson is a British artist currently living and working in Mexico. The multidisciplinarian works across painting, sculpture, and installations. Ben is perhaps most concerned with notions of colonialism and voyeurism, central themes in his works. The artist investigates ideas around the act of observing the world from a distance, Othering, and the misinterpretations this can entail.

Ben Stephenson’s Artistic Practice

Eager to delve deeper into ideas of the exotic, Ben left London and has been living and working between Colombia and Mexico for some time. Ben combines sourced historical narratives, films and photographs with still life drawings, reassessing pre-existing ideas on indigenous and Latin American cultures. Citing folklore and legends previously mystified and romanticised by the Eurocentric art history canon, the artist paints new, fantastical tales. The resulting works harbour an almost surrealist-realism - mirroring the self-mythologising artists he pays homage to and inviting viewers to empathise with the imagined Other through stories and images.

Exhibitions and Accolades

His most recent exhibitions include FAIN Feria in Monterrey, Mexico, Genesis in the Retort at the Museo de la Ciudad in Queretaro, Mexico, and NADA at Outsiders Gallery in Queretaro, Mexico. The Mexican Embassy awarded Ben First Prize for a collaborative sculpture in the recent Camaradas exhibition at The Koppel Project Exchange, London, July 2021. His work can also be found in private collections at the University of the Arts, London, UK and Sotheby's Institute of Art, London, UK. The artist received a BA from Wimbledon College of Art and, prior to this, a Diploma from Central Saint Martins.

Selected Works


Paintings - 70x44 cm

La Sirenita

Paintings - 70x44 cm

Midnight Guardian

Paintings - 119x84 cm

Parma Violet

Paintings - 105x74 cm

3 Sisters

Paintings - 70x44 cm

Just The Two of Us

Paintings - 70x44 cm


Paintings - 70x44 cm

Last Kiss

Paintings - 144x90 cm

The Dreamer

Paintings - 70x44 cm

Madre Tierra

Paintings - 70x44 cm


Paintings - 90x61 cm

Friend or Foe

Paintings - 147x110 cm

Naturaleza Muerta

Paintings - 70x44 cm


Paintings - 70x44 cm


Paintings - 70x44 cm

The Birth of Tragedy

Paintings - 115x60 cm

Dengue Dreams

Paintings - 147x109 cm

Now and Again

Paintings - 170x140 cm

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