Still Life Drawings For Sale

Discover timeless Still Life Drawings for sale at online today. There’s a reason Still Life pieces make such classic collectables. Once classed as “the touchstone of painting” by Edouard Manet himself, the art form has survived for centuries. Whether you are looking for a detailed pencil drawing to embellish your home or to offer as a gift to someone special, we have a huge variety of Still Life Drawings from illustrative to figurative styles and everything in between on offer.

Whether you’re looking for something ultra realistic or totally figurative, you can use our helpful filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Among our top-selling drawings, you will discover work by leading contemporary artists like illustrative mix media drawings by Sophie Iremonger.

Understood as capturing inanimate, material subjects such as plants, fruits or household objects through art, the genre has contributed to shaping many movements, cultural periods and styles of art. While the art form was first discovered in 15th-century Egypt, the style has endured throughout the Middle Ages, the Renaissance to the Modern Art era today. Still Life artists have proven that even the most trivial of objects can be transformed into stellar works of art.

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      Tangled Skein in a Box

      Drawings - 127x87cm

      Study for Beach 4

      Drawings - 38x57cm

      Set for a failure of words (reach)

      Drawings - 137x102cmRent for $ 320/mo


      Drawings - 42x60cm

      Study for Beach 5

      Drawings - 36x57cm

      Patio Interior No 1

      Drawings - 90x145cmRent for $ 320/mo

      Still life Ink Foamex Plant

      Drawings - 60x117cmRent for $ 200/mo

      Victory Drink

      Drawings - 60x42cmRent for $ 62/mo

      Nature morte avec Vase aux Fruits

      Drawings - 40x30cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Study for Beach 2

      Drawings - 38x57cm

      Nature morte de Femme Curieuse

      Drawings - 40x30cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Game Piece

      Drawings - 112x70cm