Randy Klinger


I grew up in NYC, going to Cooper Union, graduating with honours.  My artwork is represented by Prince Street Gallery, NYC.I have exhibited in NY, London, (across the UK), Milan, Perugia, The Hague, Kyoto.  I moved to Findhorn, Scotland in 1992, where I created, founded and directed the Moray Art Centre, working with The British Museum & National Galleries of Scotland.  My mentors (past & current) included: Ernst Gombrich (Art Historian), Dore Ashton Art Historian, (Senior Art Critic, NY Times), Joseph Koerner (Art Historian, Harvard University), Matteo Ceriana (Art Historian, ex-Director, Pitti Palace, Florence). My aim is to create beauty that overwhelms and uplifts the Soul, and to create life-presence through form and pattern; as visual ‘poetry’.

At a very early age, creativity, expression and beauty became, for me, an obsession.

As a child I would draw every weekend at the Museum of Natural History in New York and draw my favourite animals. At the age of eight, left home alone, I chanced to see a performance of Martha Graham’s 1944 modern dance choreography, Appalachian Spring, on the television. A wave of pleasure and awe rose through my whole body. There were two worlds: the pedestrian and the elevated, artefact and art.

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