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Sophie Iremonger

Sophie Iremonger works in paint, pencil and ink to create mixed media pieces themed around power, evolution, nature and landscape.
The artist has exhibited her work internationally, with recent shows in both London and New York.
Sophie's work would suit a collector looking for a quirky piece of art.

Her work explores power, evolution, nature, landscape and a host of other themes. The artist uses a variety of mediums to articulate her thoughts and feelings, including paint, drawing and collage. Sophie studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and has since exhibited her work internationally, with recent shows in both London and New York. Maid of all works for efficient processing of junk, external and internal, through line and colour.Mixed media congealer of compositions dealing with: Power,Evolution,Sex,Death, Englishness,Puddings,Nature,Prehistory,Witches,Trees,Menial labour, Stately homes,Landscapes.Emphasis on strong drawing skills collaged with layers of textures and super-natural hues.The thread that unites all is a struggle to illuminate uncomfortable mental furniture and rearrange it.You still bark your shins against the corners, but at least its in ‘pretty colours’, and you can see it from ‘a different angle’.

Selected Works


Paintings - 135x155 cm

Warrior against futility

Paintings - 158x154 cm


Paintings - 70x96 cm

Buried green men 2

Paintings - 70x96 cm

Buried green men

Paintings - 70x96 cm


Paintings - 70x96 cm

Dealing with dinosaurs

Paintings - 123x149 cm

Baroque Landfill

Paintings - 128x146 cm

Cherry pelvis 2

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Vanitas with Grapes

Paintings - 75x56 cm

Lobster conglomerate

Drawings - 56x75 cm

Game Piece

Drawings - 112x70 cm

Pelvis Memories 4

Paintings - 71x67 cm

Pelvis memories 3

Paintings - 71x67 cm

Pelvis memories 2

Paintings - 71x67 cm

Pelvis Memories

Paintings - 71x67 cm

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