Robert LeMar

Robert has been painting since the age of 10.
Robert's unique style toes the line between representational and abstract art.
As a child, Robert won various scholarships and awards.

Robert LeMar is an American artist who was born in 1950 in Michigan and grew up in Chicago. An appreciation for some of the greats like Rothko and Rauschenbarg kindled an interest in abstract art in Robert, and he now creates paintings that are part figurative, and part abstract geometry. Through a unique lens, Robert paints pictures of the nature, everyday scenes and people that surround him, showing them through the prism of geometry and reducing their definition. The result is a captivating and one-of-a-kind approach to still life painting.

Robert LeMar’s Artistic Career

Robert was interested in art as a child, and began painting portraits on the beaches of Chicago’s lakefront at the age of 10 to help support his family. He also won various scholarships and awards, and finally was able to study art formally in 1970 after being discharged from the army. He has created a diverse body of work since then, shifting between abstract paintings and more representational pieces.


Robert’s oil paintings have been featured in galleries such as Art at Penn Place in Maryland. This exhibition was a study of realism and how it can be fused with elements of abstract art through light, colour and shape.

Selected Works

Radiant Fusion by Robert LeMar

Radiant Fusion

Paintings - 61x91 cm
Along the Same Lines by Robert LeMar

Along the Same Lines

Paintings - 41x61 cm
Wet Day, Dry Dock by Robert LeMar

Wet Day, Dry Dock

Paintings - 51x70 cm
The Green Room by Robert LeMar

The Green Room

Paintings - 76x102 cm
Cars #1 by Robert LeMar

Cars #1

Paintings - 61x76 cm
Green Scene by Robert LeMar

Green Scene

Paintings - 56x71 cm
Mallards on the Canal by Robert LeMar

Mallards on the Canal

Paintings - 76x102 cm
Hydrangeas by Robert LeMar


Paintings - 46x61 cm
The Upper Hall by Robert LeMar

The Upper Hall

Paintings - 41x51 cm
Key of Green Earth by Robert LeMar

Key of Green Earth

Paintings - 76x102 cm

Looking up Kenilworth

Paintings - 41x51 cm

Still Life with Oxalis

Paintings - 56x71 cm

Pink Lilies

Paintings - 46x61 cm

On the Dry Sink

Paintings - 56x76 cm

The Love Seat

Paintings - 38x51 cm

Flower Bed

Paintings - 61x76 cm

Outside the Box

Paintings - 46x36 cm

Lilies in Paradise

Paintings - 28x36 cm

Little Dresser

Paintings - 46x36 cm

The Living Room

Paintings - 41x51 cm

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