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      Yasenev Yaroslav

      Yasenev Yaroslav is a painter who creates expressionistic works inspired by his travels.
      In his first year at university, Yasenev was already taking part in collective exhibitions in Ukraine.
      Yasenev has a noteworthy online presence and is increasingly influential on the Instagram art scene.

      Born 1993, Yasenev Yaroslav creates expressionist paintings with an urban edge. The Ukrainian artist produces highly nuanced acrylic works, often taking inspiration from his travels, architecture and personal philosophy about life. Mixing subtle social undertones with soft hues and a pastel grunge edge, Yasenev seamlessly blends elements of street art, realism, and pure expressionism.

      Yasenev Yaroslav's Early Career and Style

      Yasenev began his studies at the State Art School Shevchenko in 2008. In 2011, he entered the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine, where he attained a BA and MA Honours. In his first year at the prestigious institution, Yasenev was already taking part in collective exhibitions. He won first prize at various competitions and published works in well-known magazines at the time, too. His recent works stand out for their modern abstraction, expressive use of colour and symbolism, taking the viewer on a journey with the artist to another space and time. His landscapes, often christened with the name(s) of their predominant colour palette, capture the evening light of cities he has visited or the break of dawn at sea. His experimentations with light and layering are almost to impressionist effect and ooze with atmosphere.

      Collections and Exhibitions

      Yasenev regularly makes solo exhibitions in famous galleries, has many followers on his Instagram page, and, every year, takes part in an international art residency in Slovakia. Yasenev’s paintings are in private collections in different countries: Ukraine, UK, USA, France, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, China, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland.

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