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      Stefano Phen has collaborated with Adidas and The North Face.
      Stefano's work has been featured in international magazines.
      Stefano has taken part in graffiti meetings across the world, in the USA, Brazil and Europe.

      Born in Brindisi, Southern Italy, Stefano Phen is a contemporary artist inspired by the world of graffiti and urban art. He now lives and works in the post-industrial neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona where he operates a tattoo studio and creates all kinds of artwork, ranging from painting to graffiti. Stefano’s street art paintings are a portrait of the urban environment that surrounds him, bringing together images of railways, electricity pylons and nighttime skylines. You’ll notice hints of graffiti throughout his work, with the characteristic drips and splatters of spray paint decorating most of his pieces.

      Stefano Phen’s Career

      Stefano started his artistic journey early, enrolling at an art school at the young age of 14. He began his career as a graffiti writer in 1997, and has since gone on to work in a variety of different styles and techniques. While he is best known for his cityscapes, Stefano also brings his street art style to a range of different subjects, such as cars and flowers.

      International Recognition

      Stefano has worked internationally, taking part in graffiti meetings across three continents in Brazil, the USA and Europe. He has also been featured in international magazines and TV channels, and has collaborated with big-name clothing brands like Adidas and The North Face.

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