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Discover car art for sale online today. Shop our online collection of car art, with ever-evolving with vibrant, bold and powerful pieces. Whether you’re looking for a vintage-inspired print poster of a corvette or a contemporary photograph of a car ready to hang, our online selection make it easy for you to discover, own and collect new art today. Explore our range of paintings, prints, photography and sculpture today.

Printmakers Kareen Rizk and Barry Goodman celebrate old-fashioned cars and the speed of the automobile. Rizk’s mixed media pieces take on a layered quality that look to the past with muted colours and nostalgic imagery. Goodman incorporates typography into his work, and much like Rizk, Goodman plays with composition to make the car the focal point of each piece. Corvette alludes at a vintage car advert on a faded backdrop, whilst using line and angle to instil movement into the piece.

Gina Soden’s photography takes on an entirely different portrayal of cars. Focusing on abandoned settings and forgotten scenes, Soden captures stationary cars in sleepy settings, and uses light to induce a sense of wistfulness. Lena Szankay’s style echoes Soden’s approach to produce atmospheric photographs that hint at an unfolding narrative. Your Corvette uses contrast in colour, tone and light to draw focus to the bright magenta colour of the car that forms the subject of the photograph. Both Soden and Szankay reimagine the car and highlight its presence as a stationary yet majestic object.

About car art

Car art depicts either moving or stationary automobiles or parts of automobiles. Since its invention by Karl Benz in 1886, the car has become a popular subject in painting, print and photography. Following its creation, the car was often used to symbolise innovation, machinery, speed and the birth of popular culture, whilst opening the world up to a new age of endless possibilities. With the dawn of the 20th century, the Italian Futurist movement formed, and existed to celebrate technology and glorify the car as an image of modernity. The Futurists’ praised ‘the beauty of speed’ and led to motifs such as wheels, tyres and machinery denoting progress and a look to the future in modern art. Other art movements of the 20th century also celebrated the birth of the car, with the Cubists and Surrealists worshipping the car to hail progress and the future.

The BMW Art Car Project saw famous artists including Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hockney and Rauschenberg create BMW ‘Art Cars’, and turning something that was typically practical and mechanical into a piece of art in its own right. Andy Warhol’s famous series Cars for BMW swiftly followed, in which he created a series of silkscreen prints, paintings and drawings based on photographs of cars. Since Warhol’s iconic prints of cars, a number of contemporary artists follow his stylised illustrative approach to produce pieces that have a vintage quality to them.

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      Der Unfall (the accident)

      Paintings - 160x120cm

      Rear View Mirror 1

      Paintings - 152x168cmRent for $ 715/mo


      Collage - 15x10cmRent for $ 38/mo

      London Taxi

      Prints - 56x76cmRent for $ 85/mo


      Collage - 15x15cmRent for $ 29/mo

      I Bloom For You

      Photography - 90x147cm

      Untitled Car Park Painting (AC)

      Paintings - 91x122cmRent for $ 570/mo

      Station Wagon No.4

      Collage - 15x10cmRent for $ 27/mo


      Collage - 33x24cmRent for $ 62/mo

      London Taxi

      Prints - 56x76cmRent for $ 95/mo


      Photography - 74x109cm

      Cars #1

      Paintings - 61x76cmRent for $ 180/mo

      Steering Wheel

      Collage - 15x15cmRent for $ 29/mo


      Collage - 36x28cmRent for $ 71/mo

      Night Ride 1

      Paintings - 152x168cmRent for $ 715/mo


      Prints - 50x40cmRent for $ 46/mo

      Mr Whippy

      Prints - 64x105cm


      Collage - 15x10cmRent for $ 27/mo


      Photography - 40x60cmRent for $ 65/mo


      Prints - 49x75cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Red Mini, White Mini, Blue Mini

      Prints - 75x42cmRent for $ 95/mo

      New 70

      Prints - 45x70cmRent for $ 70/mo

      White Chevrolet

      Collage - 30x21cmRent for $ 56/mo


      Prints - 45x70cmRent for $ 70/mo


      Prints - 49x75cmRent for $ 70/mo