Barry Goodman

Barry Goodman makes vintage-style prints inspired by his love of architecture and transport.
Barry takes inspiration from popular 20th-Century American artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud.
Barry's prints depict nostalgic memorabilia, vehicles, ads and other commercial iconography in charming and deceptively simplistic ways.

Barry Goodman is known for his vintage-style prints. His colourful graphic prints are an unique blend of Pop-Art and Minimalism, often depicting nostalgic memorabilia, vehicles, ads and other commercial iconography in deceptively simplistic ways. Inspired by urban architecture and the metropolis, many of his prints are composed of visually stimulating signs and symbols of London life such as buses, black cabs, and red telephone boxes.

Education and Inspiration

Barry originally wanted to be an Architect but ended up studying Graphic Design instead. Following this, he worked as a Creative Director at various advertising agencies before leaving to pursue printmaking at the London College of Printing at UAL. Barry takes inspiration from popular 20th-Century American artists, particularly Abstract Expressionist Richard Diebenkorn, New Realist painter Wayne Thiebaud and The Father of Pop-Art Andy Warhol.

Barry Goodman’s Style and Process

Interestingly, his love of architecture and locomotion is reflected in his prints which he organises into three respective categories: Architecture, Stuff and Automotive. One of Barry’s favoured printmaking techniques is collagraphy, the process of collaging different textures together or applying various materials to a rigid substrate. The artist now lives and works in London, continuing to produce colourful and uplifting prints such as A to Z.

Learn more about the artist by reading our Q&A with Barry Goodman.

Selected Works

Apartamento I by Barry Goodman

Apartamento I

Photography - 55x55 cm
Apartamento II by Barry Goodman

Apartamento II

Prints - 55x55 cm
Palacio by Barry Goodman


Prints - 55x55 cm
Monsanto by Barry Goodman


Prints - 55x55 cm
Electricity by Barry Goodman


Paintings - 68x165 cm
Good Food Fast. by Barry Goodman

Good Food Fast.

Paintings - 66x66 cm
"Want hash browns hon?" by Barry Goodman

"Want hash browns hon?"

Prints - 33x33 cm
Report an outage by Barry Goodman

Report an outage

Prints - 33x33 cm
No turn on red by Barry Goodman

No turn on red

Prints - 33x33 cm
Highway by Barry Goodman


Prints - 69x106 cm


Prints - 54x42 cm

American Terrain

Paintings - 68x102 cm


Paintings - 112x134 cm

American Terrain II

Paintings - 68x102 cm

I-10 New Orleans

Paintings - 80x108 cm

Bank via Canary Wharf

Prints - 66x48 cm

A to Z

Prints - 100x74 cm

The Sunshine Express

Prints - 70x48 cm

Soho Boys

Prints - 24x53 cm


Prints - 33x67 cm

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