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Bruno Obermann

German painter Bruno Obermann has created his own visual language of forms and symbols.
Bruno has amassed over 40 years of experience painting, resulting in works of technical mastery.
Bruno Obermann always leaves something to discover later in his work.

Abstract painter Bruno Obermann has been painting for over 40 years. Bruno has developed his own language of forms and symbols, typically expressed in large mixed-media paintings with a high degree of abstraction. Interested in the living space, where we live and how our environment shapes us, Bruno paints landscapes that map the emotional trajectory of human interaction and evolution. However, rather than relate any narratives through his pieces, Bruno looks to manifest atmospheric moods.

Bruno Obermann’s Early Career and Inspiration

Born in Netphen in 1956, the painter and draftsman is an autodidact. He discovered his love for art during a childhood visit to the Cote D’Azur, where he was introduced to the Impressionists. Bruno has since been on a quest to deepen his understanding of drawing and painting. He is particularly drawn to how materials can be used as a visual language to express people, fates, lives and ways of life. With this in mind, the artist begins his paintings by exploring the accumulation of feelings, wishes, fears and hopes that shape people and accompany them throughout their life. The artist has described previous abstract works as island pictures - not as actual landscape depictions, but rather the islands in our minds, our internal worlds.

Latest Works and Exhibitions

Bruno has exhibited extensively across Germany and the UK. His works have been featured in several German publications, including photographic editions My City -Art and Literature In and Around Siegen, published by Kunstverein and Uni / GHS, Siegen (1989). His latest works explore how humans have been exposed to the elements and that the spiral of civilization has developed its own relentless dynamic. The idyll is only superficial, his works suggest, and human emotions expose a crisis of the world system.

Selected Works

Das System der Vögel l

Paintings - 110x140 cm

Das System der Vögel ll

Paintings - 110x140 cm

Ghost in my house

Paintings - 110x140 cm


Paintings - 110x140 cm

Feeling safe

Paintings - 140x110 cm

Der Unfall (the accident)

Paintings - 160x120 cm

Herr Herzlich

Paintings - 160x120 cm


Paintings - 140x110 cm


Paintings - 110x140 cm

Flucht (Escape)

Paintings - 120x110 cm

Am Abend (In the evening)

Paintings - 110x140 cm

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