Al Freno


Al Frenno is a Belgian painter born in 1978 in Cambrai. He remembers having started drawing very early and was fascinated by Dali and Picasso during his adolescence. During his studies in a school of architecture, he was able to return to the School of Fine Arts where he learned the techniques of shadows, lights and perspectives. After leaving the paint aside for many years, he returned to present his work on Kazoart. "I have traveled a lot in several countries and I think that is where my passion for blue, the sea, the dream villas and the swimming pools come from. I like through my paintings to travel the person who Look. That she can dive, in a way, in the board. " Al Freno

Selected Works

Saint Tropez by Al Freno

Saint Tropez

Paintings - 140x180 cm
Cap Cod by Al Freno

Cap Cod

Paintings - 80x80 cm
Avenue Road  by Al Freno

Avenue Road

Prints - 100x100 cm
Gentleman car by Al Freno

Gentleman car

Prints - 60x80 cm
Time for splash by Al Freno

Time for splash

Prints - 80x80 cm
#4 from Miami  by Al Freno

#4 from Miami

Prints - 100x100 cm
5 WB  by Al Freno

5 WB

Prints - 80x80 cm
Small sun balcony by Al Freno

Small sun balcony

Prints - 100x80 cm
Summer by Al Freno


Prints - 160x120 cm

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