Phil King is now based in the south-west of France.
Phil is inspired equally by trips to museums and finds in thrift stores.
In 2014, Phil translated Jean Genet’s 'The Studio of Giacometti'.

British artist Phil King creates wonderfully expressive paintings that merge elements of the fantastical with the familiar. Landscapes, portraits and impressions of the natural world become stylised, enhanced or covered, and form works of art where the abstract and the figurative interact. Just as Phil doesn’t stick to one subject of interest, he doesn’t use just one medium. Instead, his paintings combine oils, acrylic, vinyl, welded steel and at times found materials.

Phil King’s Education and Career

Phil was born in Bristol in 1965 and spent his childhood in Toulouse, France before returning to live in Bristol. Phil first went to study a BA in Fine Art Painting at The Bath Academy of Art, and then an MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. Phil’s career as an artist has spanned over 20 years and seen solo and group exhibitions across the USA and the UK. As well as painting, Phil also serves as the co-Editor of Turps Magazine, and frequently writes critical essays for exhibition catalogues.

Influence and Approach

In his practice Phil engages with a host of styles and influences. From graphic motifs, to classical observations, to references to African art, Phil has developed his own unique visual language. There is also a lyrical quality to Phil’s approach, with subjects that bear a resemblance to Picasso’s compositions, while his more abstract paintings are reminiscent of Kandinsky’s spontaneous and melodic style.

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