by Andy Wicks

Edition of 25 - 45.0cm x 60.0cm


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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints
    Style | Street Art
    Subject | Architecture
    Year | 2010
    Edition | of 25
    Size | 45.0cm x 60.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes
    Materials | Archival pigment print

    Additional Information

    • Produced in collaboration with the artist exclusively for Rise Art
    • Rentals ship in our recommended walnut frame
  • Stephen Beddoe

    The Insider Stephen Beddoe says:

    "Artist Andy Wicks’ paintings and prints are bold, graphic and highly assured. The works make knowing references to a host of artistic influences, ranging from 20th. century abstraction, 60’s pop and street art, whilst retaining a painterly approach. His subject matter is drawn from the city; and specifically the river, often utilising and recording architectural and engineering objects, sites and detritus as a basis for his paintings."

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  • Lisa

    ‘Lisa’ belongs to a new series of works in which Andy investigates the forgotten structures dotted along the length of the River Thames. A tripod-like structure stands alone on an abstract background, suggestive of a seabed. The rich, maroon colour of the supporting legs coupled with the feminine title of the work suggests an elegance not often acknowledged in these structures.

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    Andy Wicks

    Andy Wicks’ oil paintings and editions document the overlooked, constructed landscapes of man made structures that are now eroding from memory. Scouring London for the now decrepit architecture, Wicks captures the beauty to be found in these forgotten features in rich, bold paintings. Working from his own sourced photography, the artist creates powerful compositions, depicting his found buildings standing alone, towering up from abstracted backgrounds. Andy Wicks is currently doing a year long artist residency at the Florence Trust Studios in London.

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Edition - 45x60cm