Dale Voelker

Dale Voelker's work features in collections across the United States.
In addition to working as a fine artist, Dale also heads a graphic design company.
Dale's unique style combines elements of street art and abstract.

Dale Voelker is an American artist based in Los Angeles, where he works mainly with mixed media paintings. His style can be described as a blend of gritty urban art with a more clean-cut idealism, incorporating elements of street art with abstract approaches such as colour blocking and non-representational forms. Each artwork is layered up with different materials, ranging from collage to acrylic paints, and in doing so he achieves a sense of the history of urban environments that surround him. The canvas absorbs different elements to form a narrative in the same way that the city streets hold memories of events.

Dale Voelker’s Career

Dale began his career in abstract art with an education at California State University in Northridge, where he achieved a BA in Art & Design in 1989. Since then, he has been exhibiting paintings in the United States, and also runs his own graphic design business that focuses on the entertainment industry and non-profit organisations.


Dale Voelker’s street art paintings have been hung in shows and collections across the US. He has featured in a number of group exhibitions, including The Other Art Fair in LA and The Art of Planetary Science at the Pasadena Convention Center. He has also had solo exhibitions in California, including the aptly named “Layers” at Anne Bedrick Fine Art in 2021.

Selected Works

Astronaut Watch by Dale Voelker

Astronaut Watch

Paintings - 64x64 cm
Ninth Inning Last Night by Dale Voelker

Ninth Inning Last Night

Paintings - 64x64 cm
Cactus With Blossoms by Dale Voelker

Cactus With Blossoms

Paintings - 122x61 cm
Off! by Dale Voelker


Paintings - 42x42 cm
Jet Sound by Dale Voelker

Jet Sound

Paintings - 65x65 cm
Win the Drags by Dale Voelker

Win the Drags

Paintings - 91x61 cm
Teen-age Co-ed Golf by Dale Voelker

Teen-age Co-ed Golf

Paintings - 42x42 cm
Acres In Trust For The Future by Dale Voelker

Acres In Trust For The Future

Paintings - 94x94 cm
Put A Tiger by Dale Voelker

Put A Tiger

Paintings - 65x65 cm
Skids In The Canyon by Dale Voelker

Skids In The Canyon

Paintings - 102x76 cm

Super Sunday Buffet

Paintings - 94x94 cm

Enjoy Exciting UHF TV

Paintings - 91x61 cm

Three Gold Medals

Paintings - 61x61 cm

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